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tv   Headline News  RT  April 26, 2013 11:00am-11:29am EDT

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international in the very heart of moscow. a deadly fire at a psychiatric hospital outside moscow kills thirty eight people leaving only three survivors the report from the scene momentarily. uncertainty the u.s. says it suspects with quote various degrees of confidence the syrian government has used chemical weapons. join the allegation citing a limited but growing evidence. terror alert. europeans recruited to join islam is to rebels in syria claiming they pose a serious threat when they return home.
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a pleasure to have you with us here on r.t. . new worldwide news life from moscow. a massive fire has torn through a psychiatric hospital in the moscow region killing all but three people inside thirty eight bodies have been found after rescue operations wrapped up at the blaze engulf the entire building reportedly erupted in providing special treatment to patients. in office at the scene. it was around half past one in the morning when a nurse at that tiny psychiatric hospital in the village located around eighty miles away from moscow noticed smoke in one of the hallways she tried putting out the fires self but the flames were spreading too quickly. we saw the front entrance catch fire we dashed forward and broke the door we saw one man line and cautiously we try to help others but there was too much smoke and we had to run away one view local saw was happening some of them rushed to the hospital to try to help with the
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fight was over too powerful for them to handle only two patients and that nurse made it out alive while dozens of others didn't and this is a patients are given seductive drugs and investigators say you know that could be one of the reasons why so few people made it out alive they say that most of the others it's very likely simply were not able to wake up when the fire started due to the heavy medication another problem is that the nearest fire station is located around thirty miles away from here that combined with bad roads where the reasons why it took over an hour for the first rescue teams to arrive investigators say that some of the patients died from smoke inhalation but most simply burns to death in their beds. the nurse who worked that night is in stable condition in hospital but she is obviously shocked by this terrible and painful experience experts were already able to investigate the building where the fire took place and they say
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it's most likely that it started in the sofa backing up rumors that one of the patients could have left cigarette on it. it's not allowed to smoke that probably someone lives a cigarette in baghdad and they don't call fire obviously right now many questions need answering there's lots of uncertain information and contradicting information as well but hopefully the ongoing investigation will help. on the reasons behind one of the worst hospital fours in russia in years you go to school or do you must go region. there have been similar deadly fires at russian medical facilities in recent years so use that leads you from sticks in the back there is a troubling legacy of this sort of thing taking place in this country most recently in two thousand and nine in russia's republic of komi in an elderly care facility it was twenty three people that lost their lives in this blaze was very difficult
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to get out for many of these people being pensioners and relying on first responders to get out of the building in two thousand and seven in the city of tula at another elderly care home on november fourth thirty two people died now two hundred forty seven were able to escape with their lives in that blaze and then just a year earlier about in december two thousand and six there was a very tragic weekend here in russia actually in siberia on december ninth there was a fire at a mental hospital and nine people died in that blaze two hundred fifteen escaped now just twenty four hours prior to this fire there was a loss of life to the tune of about forty five people who died in a drug treatment facility in moscow and they were gross safety violations in that case many of them dying from smoke inhalation many of the windows were barred and the exits were blocked or locked so unfortunately in some of these cases there are gross safety violations but when you're dealing with the medical facilities some of
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these patients are sedated at night so in order to get them out there need to be huge amounts of first responders to get them out of the building so of course as this investigation proceeds in this this latest fire we're talking about today we'll we'll see if medication had anything to do with it or if they were gross safety violations. i know we've got firsthand accounts from doctors law enforcement officers and eyewitnesses along with the latest pictures from the scene of the blaze on our website just a click away for you right now at our dot com. for now hundreds of young europeans are heading to syria to join radical militants fueling fears of how the e.u. should deal with their return and the blocks antiterrorist said this worrying trend is posing a serious threat to european security and belgium has launched a crackdown on islamist networks arresting several individuals suspected of rooting fighters. filed this report. if syria's two year old
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conflict is over it is seen as spillover some neighboring countries but now it is extended far beyond that it's estimated that hundreds of europeans from fourteen countries mostly young men have joined the rebels in syria in fighting against bashar al assad a london based international center for the study vatican was asian with a tall figure of six hundred. well here and there were billed for the media coverage on the radicalization young people as recently focused on one specific story of a father in search of the son of dimitri wanted son had joined a radical islam as group and had gone to syria to join the fight father had gone all the way they are hoping to bring this somebody. real planes are flying overhead all the time when we are on the streets or inside a building we have a bomb was dropped on us i haven't had a contact with a year and we shoot him he's here in aleppo we spoke with dimitris lawyer who's
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a constant contact with him and he says the father is hell bent on finding his eighteen year old son we don't expect that you will send me to syria i think that's that's clear so that's what we'll also why didn't he. was eager to go yourself he said i want to do something for myself a son started changing about three years ago the problem with to us that at a certain moment he was influenced by some rediculus to be made contact with some people on the streets and there was also a story about. told love you have a girlfriend and he didn't you didn't work out and there were some friends who say ok come with us and very slowly started it he was really influenced and really brave to us to that are the words of my client to grow beards and. started wearing in order to. we tend to date things like that so it was
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a little awkward for some a fifteen sixteen years old so he was really under influence of radical. radical people this ruby you had come into contact with shari'a for belgium a radical islamism group whose leader followed by the some have been arrested for hate speech and calls justifying the use of violence or if there is a judgment day if you're if you're a muslim you're good advice if you're this believer you will go to hell terrorism expert glowed many cases the rise of radicalized this is alarming many of whom are easy prey the first. question is why they convert and usually they don't convert because dude they convert because of a problem at one moment in their life most of the if not political ideas and they go to fight because the fact and their goal is right if they don't meet
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this can you convince them. they could be in a sect because the trapped in the net of people who have just talked writing them and for the convincing them that to give goodness seemed they want to go to so you have to sign on to commit another terrorist attack. authorities are paying even closer attention with alert levels heightened while worried family members of some the youth fighting in syria have been calling for a clampdown on radical groups the best they could do short of going to syria themselves although that may not be completely out of the question does or sylvia r.t. antwerp in belgium. live from moscow this is artsy one of the jailed pussy rock band members who is hoping to win released from prison and the judge is set to announce the verdict in. his parole hearing in central russia to receive a two year sentence for hooliganism last groups impromptu performance at moscow's
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christ the savior cathedral. he is watching proceedings the judge went into her chambres to deliver the decision in fact the whole process was going rather smooth and routine and we expected a quick decision in fact which should have happened earlier in the day until the prison officials had their say and their stance corresponded with that of the prosecution they said that does not admit her guilt and it is too early to let her walk free that's when her defense went all out attack and for the last three and a half four hours we've been witnessing basically this tussle between the defense and the officials of the britain where spending her time in central russia now obviously the stance of the defending lawyers is that she has already spent half of her time she has a small daughter to take care of and she could be hired she has already had several
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job offers even despite being behind bars this appeal to the lawyers from the legal point of view eligible for parole definitely it's interesting to see with a telephone you could actually walk free it's not going to happen today if even if the judge delivers a positive decision it might take some several more weeks but she may be joining you could take you know some would say to the other member of the punk band pussy riot who is already on parole since last year and we also know that the third members of the third member of the band her plea for all will be reviewed late in may. you can i stay on top of all the latest developments from the courthouse via alexia chef squeezer twitter feed he's got a constant updates from the parole hearing for the jailed pussy riot member and more. all right still to come here on a tea with the u.k. echoing america's claims that those at the syrian roots using chemical weapons we examine whether or not these statements have any basis. for.
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the nonproliferation treaty stands as one of the most important international agreements ever signed the will says the treaty is under threat from such countries as iran do something trees get a free pass while others are punished even though they are in complete compliance.
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with the international airport in the very heart of moscow. it's friday evening here this is our. britain has echoed the claims coming from the united states saying it has growing evidence syrian troops who've used chemical weapons and with london announcing it's extremely serious some in washington claim the red line has now been crossed by the government and this as damascus blames syrian rebels for a chemical attack near aleppo this march and remains resolute that its army has never use such weapons and details now. it's got to be said though that as yet there is no hard evidence although that being these numerous accusations that what we saw very quickly a foreign office echoing the u.s.
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claims saying that they have limited but persuasive evidence that chemical weapons have been used here in britain there have been soil samples that have been tested one of the science laboratories and that there have been some results from that but of course there is growing questions over exactly what this hard evidence is it calls you cause your my back to what happened with iraq where the evidence that was provided was that at a later date showing to be insubstantial and of course that was a huge embarrassment for the government and not something that they're going to want to repeat now is serious of course the u.s. and the u.k. are going to be very wary of basing any decisions now on that evidence until there are stronger facts that are uncovered if you know if you take the view of chemical which represents a red line because it's incredibly hard to know exactly what it is this being used the u.s. claim that they've got evidence of the nerve agent sarin that's being this being
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nice but then you have to ask is saying that they have evidence of the rebels are you saying that same agents we saw after the attack in aleppo sort of claim and counterclaim between damascus and the rebel groups we've had the syrian information minister say that in the attack that happened in aleppo that the the weapons that could have possibly come from take it then of course you have the rebels accusing the government you've got. given by a rebel commander recently saying that actually defect is within the syrian army of being asked by some of the rebel groups to stay where they are to ensure that all the vehicles in that chemical weapons weren't going to fall into the hands of extremists and of course in light of the recent statements and the prime minister here in the u.k. echoing what the u.s. is that it has forces. he says that there is no hard evidence yet that can occur weapons have actually been used in the country and i think that highlights reading
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why it's a vital and why there's been so much action to try and get the un investigated that only ground to try and get some of this verification because of course very hard to base very important decisions about what will be the next steps that countries like the u.s. and the k. without the hard evidence to base decisions on. r.t. sara first right now we can talk more on this and speak to professor stephen zoomers a middle east expert who's a politics and international studies professor at the university of san francisco joining us live here on are too good to see you today the u.s. has or will certainly be pushing for a long time to act in syria you know think these allegations of possible chemical weapon usage could become a turning point. it's possible there's certainly a lot of pressure on the obama administration not just from republicans in congress but some from some hawkish democrats as well some of the very people whose claim about claims about iraqi chemical weapons and related military prowess so led to
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the iraq war so there's a lot of pressure on the obama strategy has been taking a relatively cautious approach wanting to get more evidence but certainly the word drums are beating louder than they were just a few days ago you said you bring up a very interesting point that while this kind of rhetoric of the alleged use of chemical weapons very similar to what we heard before the invasion of iraq ten years ago you mentioned a moment ago do you think it should be wise that that these governing powers or western powers per se should exercise caution before opening the floodgates oh definitely that needs to be cautioned there needs to be some sun the major investigations but even if there has even if it is verified that the syrian regime used. chemical weapons including sarin in in a couple of cases that well that is a serious issue for the international community to be concerned about. that people need to think hard and fast about whether military intervention is the
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way is the correct way to respond there are many serious footfalls of any kind of intervention not just in terms of the war of the human loss of actually hardening of the position of the syrian government emboldened rebels in ways that could could support some the more extremist elements within their ranks and there's a whole lot of issues that need to be considered even if the reports of the use of chemical weapons are verified and you bring up the issue of emboldening the rebels are certainly some officials capitol hill and then we've got officials also in downing street and in paris as well who are saying they would like to on the syrian rebels directly now when it comes to the issues of allegations of a chemical weapons being used back in march and aleppo the syrian government said that the rebel fighters was using chemical weapons in aleppo in march why was that not investigated by the united nations. well there have been efforts to try to in
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just to bring you an observer's into. syria both for you know checking out the chemical weapons questions as well as a broader human rights abuses by both sides they've been unable to do so so far. the initial allegations of abuse by rebels seem to have actually have some. validity i don't know but certainly not worth checking out but obviously you know there are many many governments that would like to see the syrian regime fall and indeed many syrians that would like to see the syrian regime fall. are right there embarrassed if you might say by some of the more extremist elements that have made their way into the rebel ranks and some of the tactics they've been using ranging from car bombs to chemical weapons so there's obviously a desire not to highlight that piece so far in. that piece even if there might have been some validity to the charges all right middle east expert professor stephen
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soon as of the university of san francisco a great pleasure to have you on r.t. today thank you for sharing a time thing. well we've lined up the best stories and pictures for you on line at r.t. dot com let's have a quick glimpse at some of them for you right now for example this hour up there now other suspected attackers of the boston marathon were reportedly planning to carry out another bombing this time though in new york's times square. another click away for you on line hounded file sharing giant pirate bay now seeking exile in iceland relocating its servers there from greenland the full story on the web site. all right or to bangladesh now to open up the world and certainly the story of a building collapse rescuers have located fifty survived in the rubble of the eight story factory which collapsed earlier this week killing three hundred the same time hundreds of thousands of morning factory workers clashed with police over the
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tragedy of security forces used tear gas and rubber bullets as roads were blockaded and textile factories attacked the authorities have come under fire for negligence after it was revealed factories in the building continue to operate despite noticeable cracks in its structure. and the election convoy in the southern philippines late on thursday killing thirteen and wounding ten local mayors daughter and relatives were among the victims police say the attack was carried out by fifteen assailants possibly from a rival clan during the country's two thousand and nine elections more than fifty died in polling violence including thirty two journalists. forty five people have been killed in afghanistan when the bus they were travelling on crashed into the remains of an oil tanker which had been attacked by the taliban a few days before ten more reported injured and women and children are said to be among the victims of the bus burst into flames after hitting the tank had been left
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in the road after police deemed the area was too dangerous to enter. the hunger strike. guantanamo bay prison has now officially reached ninety seven and nineteen of those are currently being force fed or the lawyers for the prisoners claim those figures are much higher some inmates have been starving themselves for nearly eighty days server abuse of rights and their indefinite detention without charge and the obama administration's recently announced plans to keep the facility open despite mounting reports of abuses. or some news just in here on one hundred forty people suspected of having ties to islamic extremist groups have been detained in southern moscow for security services say they swooped in on a spot where people are gathered to pray they believe it's visited by people who were later involved in terror attacks as part of north caucuses militant groups more than thirty of them are said to be foreign citizens are here at r.t.
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we will bring you the latest details on this developing story as soon as we get. a wave of bombings of sunni mosques near baghdad have raised the recent death toll from violence across iraq to one hundred ninety five iraqi authorities say troops backed by had retaken control of a sunni town north of the capital a gunman seized the area on thursday after a firefight in security forces now it is the worst spate of violence since u.s. troops pulled out in two thousand and eleven and there are fears the situation could only due to your. deepening political towable all that's left the shiite dominated government deadlocked in its efforts to rule the country made up of radically different groups on and off who's just back from iraq take on the escalating on roast. iraq is a country that is divided into three major areas you have for example over here this is the largely sunni provinces over here is the semi autonomous kurdish region
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below which are certain disputed areas and this is a largely shia area of iraq now the incidents the latest wave of violence really began new york your kook this is close to the town of who we are where demonstrators have been camped out for several months now on tuesday things came to a bloody boiling point when the government forces had raided the area the government says that the protesters had opened fire the demonstrators meanwhile say that the security officials are the ones who opened fire first the result of which was at least fifty people killed and hundreds wounded now why the protesters were in here and all these areas the sunni areas that sit back down now they've basically been protesting against the government they say that the policies of prime minister nouri al maliki this is the shiite led government has resulted in their oppression this is what they say and news of the attacks there and how we have spread very quickly and that's what's behind this latest spate of violence we
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saw attacks in mozo in other areas north of back. that in the anbar province and people feel that this was perhaps retribution perhaps basically just the straw that broke the camel's back with essentially largely peaceful demonstrations turning into now violent escalations and expressions of outrage frankly in order for things to essentially deescalate there has to be changes in policy as we were in fallujah talking to the protesters they feel that the way the very structure of the government this is a sectarian government this is part of the constitution that has been written in large part with the help of the u.s. that divides iraq i mean it divides iraq constitutionally and these protesters say that unless there's a change in policies they're not going to stop coming out they're not going to go back to their homes and stop these demonstrations and be the impetus for this violence right now has been the physical clashes that took place and i don't really see a situation where the protesters will just say ok we're done we're going to go home now they want massive change. coming up next here on r.t.
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opinions clash in the debate gets hold of iran in the nonproliferation treaty crosstalk. just a moment. misty's see. him no this is not a fifty's beside fi movie slogan it is what a.b.c. news is trying to find out when they investigated how lean finally textured beef is produced this type of quote beef has become very widespread throughout fast food restaurants and supermarkets in the usa and has led to its south dakota based manufacturer posting profits in the hundreds of millions of dollars but so what's wrong with some processed before might ask well the reporting showed that of mony
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and other rough chemicals were doused onto the meat to kill equal i bacteria and make it safe for consumption although this product is for some reason legal the films about to create public backlash and many companies gave up ordering the mysteriously and finally took should be ok while the mainstream media for once actually did something valuable for society and what did they get in return sued yeah the pink slime crew decided to sue a.b.c. news and force them not to divulge their company's secrets as well as punish them for defamation against their product which led to profit losses and guess what they won the lawsuit well defaming products that on mass could destroy the health of millions of americans is no blasphemy in my book but that's just my opinion.
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international airport in the very heart of moscow. hello and welcome to crossfire all things considered i'm peter lavelle the nonproliferation treaty stands as one of the most important international agreements ever signed the un says the treaty is under threat from such countries as iran a member of the n.p.t.
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is the treaty fairly applied to some countries get a free pass well others are punished even though they are in complete compliance. to cross out the nonproliferation treaty i'm joined by my guess what i meant marandi in toronto is a professor at the university of toronto in washington we have charles blair he is the senior fellow on state and non-state threats at the federation of american scientists and also in washington we cross to thomas moore he's a senior fellow and deputy director at the center for strategic and international studies right gentlemen cross-talk rosen if i mean you can jump in anytime you want to find go to iran first that we heard this week a man thomas cunt.